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If you ever get a chance to visit Tokyo - Go! It is such an inspiring and different place.  
The contrasts are extreme and the crowd an attraction in itself! But tranquility and absorption is never far away and green areas are easy to find.
Tokyo feels very safe and people are very friendly and helpful even if they don't speak English.
You can go on and on, visiting shrines and temples in Tokyo - make sure you see Senso-ji in Asakusa, Tosho-gu and The Great Buddhist Pagoda in Ueno Park as well as Kanda Myõjin. 
The possibilities to shop are neverending and ranges from extremely expensive to reasonable.
The food is also something to look forward to in Tokyo!Presentation and taste is exceptionel and you are sure to be positively surprised in one way or another.
When in Tokyo do take a trip out to the seaside town Kamakura. Amazing! 
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen