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Places I like to stay The Lucerne and NYLO.
I love my breakfast at Good enough to eat and Sugar & Plum.
Places I shop within the first few hours Fairway Market, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods
I always have coffee and cake and sometimes breakfast at Cafe Lalo.
Dinner is memorable at Momoya and Jacob's Pickles.
It's party time all night when I tour these bars Ginger Bread Man (check out the beer card), Jeckyl & Hyde Pub and the Caliente Cab Co.
Strolling the streets popping in for quick views here and there is what I do most in NY but at the Whitney I always hang out for a bit longer.
Ok, there are also other indoor places I loose track of time in... the book stores - with the smell of cinnabon and coffee roasting surrounding me I always end up choosing more books and magazines than my shoulders like carrying. 
But walking on the High Line and lounging in Bryant Park I must admit doing several times when I'm in New York and I keep enjoying shopping in West Village.
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen