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Lyon is a non-typical city with a peninsula girded by the Rhône and the Saône and 3 hills each with their own architectural identities.
There is much more to Lyon than it's pricey boutiques and restaurants on the peninsula. Find it's hidden passageways, visit the bouchons, enjoy the wine and enrich your passion for French culture.

I recommend staying at MAMA Shelter, a super cool design hotel with a funky atmosphere, tasty food and a popular bar. 
Discover the Lumière Institute, Musee Miniature et Cinema and stroll the charming Vieux Lyon and endulge in all the hand crafted local product.
Buy cookware at Alice Delice and table knifes at La Coutellerie de Lyon.
Dine at a Bouchon. They are officially certified small eateries of nouvelle cuisine, serving traditional Lyonnaise offal dishes.
Enjoy the beer at Les BerThoM.
Discover the Banks of the Saône project and its public art.
Swim at the outdoor Piscine du Rhône.
These are really just a few of the many things worth experiencing in Lyon with friends or family.
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen