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When in B A S E L

Enjoy the bohemian feel in the streets and in the Elisabethen Church that also houses art shows and a cozy cafe.
The city offers four well marked walks that guide you up, down and around the city. Be sure not to miss the views from BASEL MINSTER and IM LOHNHOF (museum of music).
Sit and enjoy the hustle and bustle at Barfüsserplatz (flower and Christmas Market) and at the Cafe CA'PUCCINO on Falknerstrasse 24 or IL CAFFÈ next door. The old style coffee break you should have at SCHIESSER on Marktplatz.
Stroll down Gerbergässlein and study the impressive Rock Star mural. >"< )"( "()"
Continue up to Spaltenberg and pop in to see the Young Designers and Basel Labels in the shops TARZANSEVEN SISTERS and ERFOLG ~"
Basel is home to quite a few skilled chocolatiers and even though its difficult to choose I recommend BESCHLE and XOCOLAT which also offer tours apart from indulging sit downs.
Have drinks at ONO Deli Cafe Bar and if you find time for more culture don't miss FONDATION BEYELER or MUSEUM of CULTURE.
Come for ART BASEL held annually on Miami Beach, in Hong Kong and Basel - staging the World's preeminent Modern and Contemporary art shows.
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen