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Kobberbryllup - Copper Wedding
In Denmark we celebrate our 12 ½ years Wedding Anniversary from the crack of down on the actual day. Friends and family put up half a gate around the couple’s front door made of branches and flowers in season and of course decorated with Danish flags. On top there is a shield with the couple’s names. In the morning friends and family wake the couple by slamming pot lids and singing the wedding song; “Det er så yndigt at følges ad” (It’s so lovely to go together). After some time the couple appears in the door in their PJs appearing to be half asleep and surprised and invite the singers in for breakfast. The party often takes place the following Saturday and the decoration is kept in copper colours and gifts could be nice copper cookware. Gifts are traditionally given at the party not in the morning. 
Søvbryllup - Silver Wedding
When a couple has been married for 25 years the same ritual takes place but this time they get the whole gate and sometimes the couple has discretely placed refreshments for friends and family working on the gate at night J The shield will be blue with writing in white or silver colour. An extra song is added; “I østen stiger solen op” (In East the sun rises) and the singers are accompanied by a brass band. At the actual party this time the decorations are traditionally kept in silver, blue and purple. After the dinner and the coffee the Silver Wedding couple dances the wedding dance.
Guldbryllup - Gold Wedding
On the day a couple has been married for 50 years they can celebrate their Gold Wedding. The rituals are the same as on the Silver Wedding day only this time the shield is dark red and the names and wedding date are written in gold colour. Presents tend to be much more personal since the couple is now assumed to have all the cutlery, cookware and dinnerware they need.
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen