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I drink too much beer :-) Especially the fruity ones but also Quark and real dark ones. You find the good beer every where and too nice waiters! But here is a classic place "A la Mort Subite" and this is a fun place "Le Cercueil".
And then there is the chocolate - another reason why I can't go to Bruxelles to often! I have several favorite pieces at different shops and I buy boxes filled with only these devine dark wonders. "Leonidas" and "Galler" are where I buy the most.
Of course I peak to La Grand Place from one of its corners just to make sure everything is still standing where its suposed to :-) But where I like to spend most of the time I have in Bruxelles is on Rue Antoine Dansart. Just strolling and pretending that I can stay as long as I need to! I still like the chain Le Pain Quotidien and if I don't sit at the long table with the other guests I at least have a coffee there.
Actually I don't read comics but I find the history of the Belgian comic strip authors interesting and the museum inspirational. Somehow it illustrates my impression of the Belgians very well. So I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I'm crazy about the Comic Strip Walk in Brussels.
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen