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When in  M I L A N
Experience the amazing feeling of walking on the roof of the giant Duomo, and enjoy the wide view of the city.
Eat at Fioraio Bianchi - the chef makes fabulous dishes and it has fantastic flower displays.
Stay at Le Suite Di Palazzo Segreti situated near Porta Garibaldi train Station a vibrant, futuristic district and perfect spot for exploring the new soul of the city. Or stay in a 17th-century farmhouse Un Posto a Milano -a rustic hostel. It also has an excellent restaurant, a bar and a large courtyard.
Buy a Bossalino at Gallaria Vittorio Emanuele and continue your shopping spree on and around Via Monte Napoleone, where the latest fashion displays are extraordinary.
Go antique hunting, if you are in Milan the last Sunday of the month, on Naviglio Grande canal.
Be sure to stroll the streets of Brera, the artistic heart of Milan, boasting small artisan workshops and antique shops. This is also where you want to enjoy an informal aperitivo or indulge in full-bodied Italian wine. Try for example the bistro Pisacco or get a well-made espresso at the bakery Princi.
Catch exhibits at La Triennale du Milano and Pinacteca di Brera or go admire Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper mural painting at Santa Maria Della Grazie.
From the restaurant at Milan's modern and contemporary art museum you get a perfect view of the Duomo's facade.
Buy your souvenirs at the Excelsior food market if you are a true foodie.
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen