ART WORK / Gamaguchi

Gamaguchi - a Japanese coin purse

Why the name Gamaguchi?
In Japanese Gamagaeru is a particular frog seen as a lucky omen and Kuchimot means mouth. As you see the purse opens as a frog’s mouth.
For this black metal framed purse in the first row, I used a crude looking printed fabric /army green/sand/orange for the outside, and the lining is a solid black/grey striped fabric. Both brought back from Denmark. “Alternative Stars and Stripes” I call this design.
The purse opens wide to allow access to your changes, bills, lipsticks, keys... As you like.
Dimension: 13 cm tall, 13.5 cm wide
CHF 27

My Funky Camper Purse
This purse has a silver colored metal frame that opens wide.
I used a printed cotton fabric as well as a matching green for the outside and the same green fabric for the lining.
Dimensions: 13 cm tall, 13.5 cm wide
CHF 30

More Stars! But this time with a surprisingly bright colour inside. Again my signature silver coloured frame that is perfect with these fabrics.

Dimensions: 13 cm tall, 
14 cm wide
CHF 30
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen