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Caramel Potatoes

Meet a very essential accessory to the Danish Christmas Eve dinner!

You will need:
2kg small potatoes
300g caster sugar
175g salted butter

Boil the potatoes in salted water until tender. Peel them and leave to cool (this can be done the day before). Place the peeled potatoes in a colander and pour cold water over them. Leave them to drain well.

Melt the sugar over a very low heat in a big, heavy-based saucepan. Don’t stir it. Meanwhile cut the butter into pieces. When the sugar is melted and golden brown add the butter and let the mixture simmer until it becomes a caramel, stirring as little as possible. Add the potatoes and gently turn them in the caramel. Let the simmer at low heat for 35-40 minutes, turning often, until they are coated in caramel on all sides. Serve them warm.
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen