Bangle Love 

Art and Chocolate by the Rhine 
Happy to share a couple of impressions from and tips for a visit to artsy Basel in the north western part of Switzerland bordering up to both France and Germany.

You want Caring and Personal Gift Ideas? 
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New MayAvril Leather Cuffs 
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All Raw... Almost 
I tossed together a couple of my favorite ingredients and enjoyed it with dinner. This time of year calls for lighter dishes I think.
3 figs
1 pear
goat cheese
baby spinach
rocket salad
crema di balsamico

Do you feel it too? 
FiNALLY spring!!! And a desire to work on canvas again. Some time ago, with a cup of tea and one of my favorite magazines; "artists' café", an article written by a female artist, about her own work, captured my attention. It wasn't just her art, that fascinated me, but also how she works. She mentioned that she always worked on two canvases, at the same time - and I'm trying that technic these days and seeing a lot of advantages. For me the most important thing is probably, that I give my wo

Trade your salt scrub for a sugar one that is gentler and better at binding moisture to dry winter skin.

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